Friday, February 3, 2012

closet organizing

This morning I have been busy cleaning and organizing my little one's closet. For the last few months it has been getting crazy messy! My eight year old is a bit of a clutter bug and stuffs her things here and there and everywhere! It drives her poor mama crazy!

Yesterday after school I had her help me pull out everything from her closet. I decided to wait until today while she was at school to do the organizing because it made it easier for me to purge some things that she won't even miss (you mom's know what I mean).

Here was her closet yesterday...

Her closet today...

Not a huge dramatic makeover, but it feels so GOOD to have everything organized and clutter free again! Now if she will keep it like this I would be soooo happy!
Have a fantastic weekend!

IHeart Organizing

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