Thursday, February 9, 2012

teeny tiny room

Today I am sharing a room that is very near and dear to my heart. It is probably one of my favorite spaces ever and also happens to be one of the smallest spaces ever. Unfortunately we had to leave it behind when we moved to our new home, but I still love that sweet little room.

Let me start at the beginning. Once upon a time there was an adorable little girl named Chloe. She was six years old and had shared a bedroom with her older sister her entire life. She longed for a space of her own, but her house had no more rooms to offer. Her parents came up with an awesome plan to turn two adjoining closets into one teeny tiny bedroom. They knocked down walls and built in a custom bed. In the end the room was perfect for a six year old named Chloe.

Yes I am guilty, I am the crazy parent who put their child in a closet! In our previous house we were bursting at the seams, and our daughter wanted a space of her own. We tore down the walls in our hall linen closet and our son's walk in closet. That gave us enough space to build Chloe's little room. The floor space in the room was roughly four feet by six feet. Small right, but honestly it was perfect for our daughter she absolutely loved it. It was like a secret little room you never would have guessed was there. Of all the rooms in our old home that is the one I miss the most!

Demo day was so much fun! The kids and I had a blast knocking down those walls (notice their very cool protective eye wear). My husband about passed out when he came home and discovered this mess (I got a little excited and kind of started this project ahead of schedule).

My talented husband built the bed and added the built in shelves for a television.

I backed the shelves with some scrapbook paper!

I also added a vinyl decal over her bed and a DIY chalkboard on her wall.

Chloe adores her regular size new room at this house, but we still reminisce about her teeny tiny little room! We worked with the space we had and made the most of every square inch in that house!

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  1. How adorable. Any one of my kids would love it. Of course maybe not the pink walls for my son. We have a small closet that we use for food storage, but I thought how cute it would be to make it into a tiny room.

    1. It's amazing how little it really takes to impress little one's. You can't go wrong with a secret hideaway! Thanks for stopping by.