Friday, March 30, 2012

Numbered Plates

So did you guess what I was up to yesterday?

I think my little hints might have given me away.

I am a bit embarrassed to even call this a project, it was more of a non-project. Seriously it was so easy my eight year old could probably do this on her own. So brace yourself for the big reveal...

Yep, you guessed right I made decorative numbered plates.

If you've been following me for very long you will remember this post where I went on and on about my love for all things "numbered".

I looked and looked but could never find any plates with numbers on them so I decided to just make my own.

Remember this is a non-project! I started with a trip to the local dollar store where I purchased my plates. 3 plates = $3.00 {plus tax, but who's counting}.

Then I used my Cricut machine to cut out my vinyl numbers. I know not everyone has a Cricut, but you could easily just trace your numbers onto the vinyl and cut them out by hand.

Then I just applied the vinyl onto the plates and ta-da all done. I told you this was easy.

To hang them up I used this ingenious method I saw on

Simply hot glue a paper clip onto the back for a plate hanger!

In total I think it took me about twenty minutes to complete and only cost $3.00.

Now that's my kind of non-project!

Well we have a busy weekend at our house. It's officially the first weekend of spring soccer! We are supposed to have nice weather for our first game which is great!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Guess what I'm up to...

I'm being a little mischievous today and I'm not telling you what I'm up to!

You'll just have to wait and see!

Until then I can give you a teeny tiny hint.


Think you know what I've got in the works? Hope all my hinting didn't give it away!
I will be back to share what I've been up to tomorrow!
Have a wonderful Thursday and don't forget the linky party is still going on if you haven't linked up yet!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Whimsy Wednesday features and link party

Before we get busy with the features and party I just want to give a big THANK YOU to all of you who linked up last week. Last week's party reached 50 links which is my largest yet. I'm hoping to break that record this week!

Thank you so much for the support and love you have all shown me since starting this blog. I am having so much fun blogging and meeting all of you!

Now here some links from last week that really blew me away.
Angie from Beneath the Magnolias gave us a peek at her breakfast room makeover which was truly beautiful.

Heidi from It's Our Pinteresting Life used a can of coral spray paint to add some pizazz to her bookcase.

We all know how much I adore inexpensive projects so I instantly fell in LOVE with this mail organizer made by Lori from
The Stonybrook House.

Isn't this Easter banner adorable? Brittany over at Daily Chaos of a country girl did a fantastic job!

Featured on HomeHappyHome

Once again thanks to everyone for linking up. You are such a creative group! Now on to this weeks party!

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DIY Spring wreath

Over the weekend I was inspired to make a spring wreath. I know about time right. I've been seeing beautiful wreaths all over blog land and Pinterest and knew I had to try one myself. Here is what I came up with...

Supplies I used..
a straw wreath form
I used cotton t-shirts from Michael's to make the flowers
slate board

For some reason I was so into making putting it all together I forgot to take photos along the way!

I started by wrapping the wreath in the burlap. I used a hot glue gun to keep the burlap in place.

To make the flowers I roughly followed the tutorial at Kiki Creates. They were not too difficult to make as long as you don't mind burning your fingers on hot glue.  I had my daughter's cut the shirts into 2-3 inch strips. I used the felt as the base or bottom of the flowers. I tied a knot in end of fabric strip to use as flowers center and hot glued it on the center of a felt circle. Basically just twisted and wrapped fabric around and around forming a flower and gluing as I went along. Really just trial and error!

Have a great day and don't forget to come back tonight for Whimsy Wednesday features and link party!


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Monday, March 26, 2012

Oh the games we play

When I was a child I loved playing games; four square, hopscotch, jump rope and of course tag. Who knew my bloggy friends still enjoyed a good game of tag! Well my friend Lori from The Stonybrook House recently tagged me in a little game of blogger's tag.

Since I'm "IT" I have to answer the following eleven questions from Lori.

  1. What was your first pet? My first pet was a border collie mix named Susie that I got when I was five. She was like my best friend growing up and I still miss her today.
  2. Which season do you prefer and why? That's easy... Summer! Why because my kids are home from school, sunshine, swimming, cook-outs, Popsicles, flip flops, ponytails...I could go on and on.
  3. Where is your favorite place to shop? My top three would be Target, Michael's and Hobby Lobby.
  4. What do you like to do in your free time? Besides working on this little baby and crafting I love to read! I just finished reading Hotel On the Corner Of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford and just started The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson.
  5. What is your all time favorite TV show? I LOVE reality television even some I'm embarrassed to admit I watch. My two all time favorites are still Survivor and The Amazing Race.
  6. Do you like to garden? If no why?  I love a beautifully landscaped yard, but I don't love gardening.
  7. What is the biggest splurge purchase you have ever made? Besides the obvious like a house or car our biggest purchase this year would be our family room sofa's.
  8. What was your favorite grade in school and why? Mine would probably be 12th grade. Just so many good memories about being a senior. Going out with friends, having freedom and not having any real worries.
  9. Who do you admire most? I admire my parents a great deal. Now that I'm a parent myself I realize how much they sacrificed for me and that all those rules they had were really for my own good. They are also the best grandparents ever!
  10. What can someone tell about you as soon as they visit your blog? That's a very good question. I HOPE you can tell what my passion is {family, crafting, decorating}. I hope you can see that I'm a fun and sincere person who wants to share my life with you and make some new friends along the way.
  11. If you could name a lipstick color... what would it be called? How about Beautifully Blushed.

Well that about sums up my question and answer session. Now it's time to catch up with my bff the DVR!

Good night!


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ramblings of a crazy housewife

Have you ever been so mad at something you just wanted to throw it out your second floor window and then run it over with your minivan {or car} over and over again?

That's how I'm feeling about my laptop right now. You see we have a love hate relationship. I love it when it works and hate it when it doesn't. I just spent the past hour writing a nice sweet little post only to publish it and have my computer freeze up and then discover that sweet little post is gone, lost forever. Under normal circumstances blogger automatically saves your posts as you are writing, but an error occurred and nothing was saved. Grrrr.

To make matters worse my IT guy {aka my husband} just left this afternoon for a week long trip to California.

So I'm currently using our house computer, but we don't really get along either.

Thanks for listening to my crazy ramblings. I promise I'm not really crazy and I've never really thrown anything out of a window, yet.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jewelry organzier {it's a cinch}

Let me just start by saying that I love a challenge! Karianne over at Thistlewoodfarm  and four other very talented bloggers have come up with an entire year full of challenges!

First up is the {it's a cinch} challenge to create something quick and easy! Right up my alley! So today I decided to whip something up with things I already had on hand here at home, and something I could do quickly. First off I went and looked through all of my boards on Pinterest in hunt of the perfect {it's a cinch} project. I've been busy over there so I had a ton of ideas to choose from! I finally decided to make a jewelry organizer.

I started off by collecting all of my supplies...
  • leftover fabric
  • two pieces of wood
  • glue gun
  • cup hooks
  • {not pictured} picture hangers

This was such an easy project to complete. I basically just wrapped the wood in fabric like a present with my trusty old glue gun and then put in my cup hooks. Lastly I nailed some small picture hangers onto the back for hanging.

I was able to complete this project in 30 minutes and for FREE!

I'm excited to challenge myself to come up with some more {it's a cinch} creations to share with you!

Don't forget the linky party is still going on if you would like to join in on the action!

Have a wonderful Thursday!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Whimsy Wednesday link party #4

Welcome to another Whimsy Wednesday link party! Thank you everyone who linked up last week. If you missed the features you can check them out here.

Now on with the FUN!

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Gallery wall completed!

Finally! I started this project over a week ago thinking it would be one of those quick and easy, a couple of days kind of project. Ha really what was I thinking? In my mind it seemed like no big deal. Sure paint a canvas or two, paint a handful of picture frames, ask your daughter to paint something (it is her room right), then have that daughter tell you that she can't rush creativity! I am just relieved to have it completed!

If you missed the canvas art tutorial you can find it here. See those cute little boxes under the bed you can see how I made those here.
Remember to come back tonight and link up for another Whimsy Wednesday party!
I'll be enjoying some time outdoors today, supposed to have a high of 84 here in Ohio. CRAZY, but I love it! Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Whimsy Wednesday party features!

Happy St. Patricks day everyone! 

Today I am sharing some of my favorites from the latest linky party! It's hard to pick just a few when everyone has such great ideas!

Most viewed item so far are these awesome signs from Full circle creations.

One of my favorites is this ombre painted dresser from Bless{ed} nest.

I feel in love with this mercury glass lamp that Angie from Beneath the Magnolia whipped up!

 Kelly from Here comes the sun made this adorable pallet art table for her kids!

Thanks everyone for linking up! Don't forget to grab your Featured button if I featured you today.

Hope you all have a FUN weekend and don't forget to wear something GREEN  today!



Thursday, March 15, 2012

Little Angels

You probably thought this post was about my sweet angelic children (ha ha). Nope it's about these little angels that I picked up over the weekend at a church rummage sale.

I mentioned that other day that I'm in the process of putting together a gallery wall in my daughter's bedroom. I knew these would look great with a little TLC. All they needed was a fresh coat of paint and some of my daughter's art!

I have all the items collected I need to put her wall together. Now I just need to paint a couple more frames and I am still waiting on my little artist to finish her own canvas art project!
Fingers crossed we can get everything finished up in a couple of days.
My link party just started yesterday so if you haven't linked up yet now is your chance!!! I so enjoy looking at all your awesome ideas!
Have a wonderful Thursday!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Whimsy Wednesday Link Party #3

I'm back again with another Whimsy Wednesday link party! I want to thank everyone who linked up last week. You guys are a talented bunch!

Now for some more features...
This kitchen from B in real life is amazing! I want a kitchen like this someday!

This craft room by Jessica from mom 4 real is so colorful and happy! Love it!

Now it's time to link up your creations & projects!
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Canvas art project

Good morning all! Today I am going to share some projects I have been working on for the gallery wall in my daughter's bedroom.

When we first moved into our new home we just slapped some pictures on the wall of her room and called it a day. That wall over her bed has been bugging and nagging me every since. I just knew we could do much better.

Over the weekend I worked on some canvas art projects to add to our gallery collection. Here is what I came up with.

I began with just a plain canvas from the craft store.
For the paint strip canvas I just divided my canvas into thirds and then used painters tape to mark the lines.

Then I just painted on my three colors and removed the tape.

Once the paint was dry I used a white paint pen to write some fun names for the colors (my daughter's came up with the names)!

The quote canvas was an easy project as well. I used my Cricut machine once again to cut out my letters in vinyl. I applied my vinyl letters to the canvas and then just painted over them. 

Once the paint dried I removed the vinyl letters. Because this was a canvas the paint did bleed a little through the edges of the letters but my daughter and I agreed that we liked the look so I left it alone!
I can't wait to get her gallery wall completed! My daughter is working on painting her own canvas art for the room and then we can begin the headache fun of arranging everything!
Have a great Tuesday! Don't forget to come back tomorrow for another linky party!

Monday, March 12, 2012

thanks for the feature!

Sorry I didn't get a chance to post today. It's been a busy Monday!  I spent the afternoon with my mom at Ikea and just haven't had a chance to sit down and collect my thoughts.

I am super excited (that's the best I could come up with) to share that I was featured today on i heart organizing!
Jen is the queen of all things pretty and organized. I have been reading her blog forever and it was truly a dream of mine to be featured by her. Did I mention I'm excited! I may have even jumped up and down a few times! Thank you Jen!
IHeart Organizing

I'll be back tomorrow to share some projects I did over the weekend for the gallery wall in my daughter's room.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Party features & highlights

Happy Sunday everyone! I don't usually post over the weekend, but I was excited to share some of my favorite features from Wednesday's linky party!

I fell in love with this dining room by Jessica from stay at home-ista The color is stunning as well as the lighting and ceiling! Did I mention those striped dining chairs?

Tranae from Becoming Fabulous shared her family subway art! I love that she found her inspiration on Pinterest and then tweaked it to suit her family!

We all know how I feel about pallet art! So it goes without saying that one of my favorite projects this week was this pallet art by Kari from Newlyweds on a budget.

Laine from Just Laine must know I have a HUGE sweetooth! Don't these look delicious? I am going to have to try this one for sure!

If I featured you today make sure to grab a featured button from my sidebar!
I am also going to start pinning all my features on Pinterest!

Now I'm off to enjoy the rest of my Sunday afternoon and this gorgeous sunny weather!