Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Last week my daughter's and I attended the Cincinnati homearama at Carriage Hill. My mom and I have been going for many many years and this was the second time for my girls {who loved it}.

I wish I had taken my camera, but I decided to just use my phone {I was being lazy}. The pics aren't that great. Some of the photos were actually taken by my daughter on her ipod.

My mom and my daughters .

My mom and I posing awkwardly. 

I can't remember which house was in what order, but there were six houses total this year.

My oldest daughter called this one the Harry Potter house because it looked like a mini Hogwart's plus it had a cool library {which we somehow forgot to photograph}.

Yes, there was actually a Muppet's room {weird}. 
Interesting fact about myself...when I was little I had a Muppet's bedroom! True fact...I was in love with PIGS IN SPACE even had the metal lunch box! 

I thought this would make a great future project. Magnetic board covered in fabric with cute diy magnets!

I am thinking this desk would be a fun project for my son's room {if I can get my husband on board}.

All of the basements were amazing but this one had a movie theatre basketball court combo!

White walls with black ceiling {I like it}.

Next year I vow to take my camera and take more photos!

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Not your typical teen girl bedroom

I am finally ready to share my daughter's bedroom makeover with you!

Her room before was fine, but she needed a place to sketch and hold all her art supplies. The trim needed to be painted and I was never happy with the original wall color {way to light}. 

Her requirements were to keep the existing bedding, to have navy blue in the room but not on the walls, a desk, display her collections and trophies, no turquoise or any girly shades of blue!

My requirements were to have some type of focal wall, get rid of the clutter {she's a hoarder}, and keep the cost under $300.

I am happy to report that we are both thrilled with the results. I ended up spending @ $250 on the entire room.

I painted all of the brown trim white and then painted the room in secret passage by Olympic. The darker color in the chevron is leftover paint from our master bedroom elephant skin by Behr.

We also kept the diy underbed storage boxes I made last year, the bedding, and her existing bed. In the future we are hoping to purchase a larger bed for her.

The desk was a garage sale find that I painted white with chalkboard paint on the top.

I covered an inexpensive cork board with fabric.

She had to have these dog behinds we found at Ikea!

The shelf over her desk displays all her favorite things; pet rocks, Celebrity Apprentice collection, solar flowers, art projects, and Hunger Games books!

We brought this dresser up from our family room and I painted on the stripes!

The floating shelves hold all her trophies!

Here is a price breakdown on the room

paint and supplies $35.00
desk $25.00
new frames and artwork $26.00
cork board, fabric, hot glue sticks $25.00
trip to Ikea which includes red desk chair, 3 floating shelves, art display system, dog behinds, misc. $140.00

We spent an entire week sorting and purging before I could even begin painting! She wasn't ready to give up all her toys and stuffed animals so we organized those in her large closet. 

Of course doing her bedroom kind of opened up a can of worms because my youngest daughter decided she would like to move the furniture around in her bedroom {yes, she is a bit like her mother}. Eventually I will be sharing pics of her newly arranged room as well!

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Monday, July 22, 2013

pinterest challenge homemade lava lamp

I'm back with another fun pinterest challenge!

Last week my ten year old daughter told me she wanted to make a lava lamp so I headed to one way place I knew I could find some help...PINTEREST.

We found several posts all with the same instructions.

Materials needed:
plastic bottle or glass jar
food coloring
alka-seltzer tablets

My ten year old did this all by herself, I just supervised and of course took pictures of the process!

My daughter went a little overboard with the food coloring. She added some of every color so she ended up with black bubbles.

Just a note about the alka-seltzer tablets. You are supposed to break them up into pieces and add one at a time. We ended up adding a whole one towards the end and WOW that was exciting!

This was a fun experiment even my teenager thought it was cool!


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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Chevron wall

I mentioned on Monday that I have been working on my daughter's bedroom. I'm not quite 100% done with the room, but I wanted to share my favorite part. The chevron wall!

I've been wanting to do one somewhere in our home, and with a little persuasion {okay a lot} she finally agreed to let me do it in her room.

There are a million and one tutorials out there, but I followed the one by Sarah from the yellow cape cod. Her tutorial was easy to follow even for someone like me who is math challenged!

I began by painting the entire room what would be the base color {lighter color} of the pattern. My husband helped me measure and mark all of the lines. It's hard to tell in the photo but I marked everything lightly in pencil.

I taped off the lines and then got to painting.

The completed wall.

This was so much easier then I had imagined! It does help to have an extra pair of hands for the measuring and marking.

I can't wait to show you the room once it's completed!


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