Friday, April 29, 2016

Painted books

Today I have an inexpensive little project to share with you. 
Painted books.

It's really that easy...
1.Find some old books at a garage sale or thrift store
2. Paint them with acrylic craft paint
3. Distress the edges with a brown stamping ink pad

Here are the same books before I painted them.

Since some of the books were dark in color it did take several coats of white paint to get good coverage. Once the paint dried I ran my stamp pad along the edges. I've also heard of people using sandpaper to distress the edges. 

They look beautiful on my family room coffee table, and I only spent around $2.00 for the books. Love it!

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Half bath makeover with industrial shelves

After recently repainting part of our main floor I decided our little half bath needed an update as well. 

It was still nice, but I was over the stripes and wanted a different look.

I started by sanding down the edge of each stripe. Then I painted the room smooth stone by Glidden. 

We added industrial shelving on the back wall above the toilet (love them to pieces).  We changed out the light fixture and added a wood frame around our existing standard build mirror. Lastly I added some new fun touches to the room.



I stained the wood shelving and mirror frame with Min wax classic gray stain. We used Liquid Nail to attach the wood the mirror. 

Sorry this room is so small it's hard to get a good photo. 

Total budget for this room was under $200
Paint was leftover
shelving and mirror supplies $90.00
Light (found here) $30.00
Artwork/ decorations $70.00

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Reorganized baking cabinet

It's been over two years since I first revealed my new baking cabinet (you can find it here). 

Over those two years I've moved all our spices over here as well. It just made sense since this cabinet is by our stove, and I was tired of constantly running over to our pantry. 

In time this cabinet kind of became a mess!
Recently I took everything out and reorganized it before I lost my mind!

Nothing fancy just moved some items to other places and cleaned it out, but it looks and functions so much better now.



In the future if I'm feeling ambitious I might add some colorful fabric to the back or paint it. I'd also like to add some organizers for the spices. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Extension farmhouse table

I know I promised I would show you pics of our new farmhouse table in all of it's extended glory weeks ago, but it just seems like life is getting busier and busier. Since I blog strictly for a hobby my posts have become far and few between. I have good intentions of blogging more often, it's just finding the time when I'm in the "blogging zone". You know what I mean. 

So now on to our farmhouse table which you already saw in our newly decorated dining room. Today I want to share some photos of the building process and what the table and benches look like when extended.

Before building our table my husband and I looked at many tables and plans on Pinterest. We settled on a table that we saw in a local furniture store ad (here). The store table was over $1,300, we built our table and two benches for around $200! I do not have plans for how we built our table but there are tons of plans for similar tables available online.

My husband built our table in our unheated garage in the middle of winter. Try not to pay much attention to the messy garage. 

So here are some pics of the building process.

I love the color of the weathered gray stain I used.

This is the table when not extended it is 7 feet long.

Both ends slide out and the extra pieces are stored underneath.

The two extra table leaves are secured in the middle. The benches pull apart as well and a wood extension piece is added to each end. 

The table is 9.5 feet long when fully extended.

In reality we will only use the table extended a few times a year for holidays and birthdays, but it's nice to have the option and extra seating available if needed.

Thanks for stopping by...even though I don't post very often. 
I appreciate all you readers who still come by to check on me!